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Sakura White Foam Face Wash (100Ml)

SAKURA WHITE FOAM FACE WASH (100ml) Best for Sensitive skin Best for whitening Best for smooth your skin Best for glowing skin Best for pin kish shade on your skin Direction: Clean your Face with normal Water, than use a drop off face wash on your skin.Then gently message on your skin then wash it.. See the whitening pinkish glowing face..
৳795 ৳750

Kemei KM 329 Professional Hair Straightener

30 Sec Fast Ready 220 Degree C Heat Nano Silver Temp Control Ceramic Plate Long Cord This hair straightener from Kemei gives you salon-like sleek and straight hair without having to put them through blow-drying, that in many instances, absorbs moisture from your hair strands. Use this straightening rod instead, and style your hair from wet to dry, and frizzy to straight, in a matter of a few minutes. Quick OperationYou don’t have to plug this straightener into the power socket hours or minutes before using it, as it has a quick heat up time of 30 seconds only.
৳950 ৳800

The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash for Women - 125ml

Cleans your face Removes dull skin cells Increases skin's natural glow Improves the condition of Skin Regular use will bring better result 100% Original Imported from UK This daily radiance-revealing facial wash cleanses and exfoliates skin in one step.Microbeads gently buff away dull skin cells. Leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth. This face wash enhances skin’s natural radiance.
৳1,200 ৳1,050

Deep Action Cleanser for Women - 100gm

Product Type: Cleanser Capacity: 100gm Good quality product Gender: Women Clean & Clear facial cleanser Deep Pore Daily Cleanser 50g Action. With the new extracted from rice extract , this cleanser is clearly better than the previous type , help to control mucus during the 8 hours , to keep your skin greasy.WATER,STEARIC ACIDE GLYCERIN, MYRISTIC ACOD, POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE, LAURIC ACID,BUTYLENE GLYCOL,GLYCERYL STEARATE, PEG-100 STEARATE,LAURYL BETANIE, LAURYL GLUCOSIDE,MEYHYLPARABEN, ORYZA SATIVA ( RICE ) EXTRACT, FRAGRANCE, TETRASODIUM EDTA, CARRAGEENAN, ACRYLATES COPOLYMER, POLYQUATEMIUM-39,MAGNESIUM CARBONATE, METHYLISOTHIAZOLIONE,TOCOPHERY.


HTS আরগান অয়েল সরাসরি কোরিয়া থেকে আমদানিকৃত একটি ব্যতিক্রমধর্মী হেয়ার অয়েল । এটি ব্যাবহারের ফলে চুলকে ময়েশ্চরাইজ এবং সিল্কি করে তোলে । মাথার স্কিনের সুরক্ষা দেয় । চুলের গোঁড়া শক্ত ও মজবুত করে । চুল পড়া বন্ধ করে ও নতুন চুল গজাতে সাহায্য করে । সূর্যের ক্ষতিকর বেগুনী রশ্মি থেকে চুল ও ত্বকের সুরক্ষা দেয় । মাথা ঠাণ্ডা রাখে । এটি ব্যবহারের ফলে ফ্রেশ ঘুম হয় । ১০০ ভাগ প্রাকৃতিক নির্যাস থেকে তৈরি, ফলে চুল ও ত্বকের কোন ক্ষতি করে না । চুলকে আরও ঘন কালো ও লম্বা করে ।
৳1,300 ৳1,050

Indulekha Bringha Hair Treatment Oil 100 ml + Shampoo 200 ml (With 1 piece Comb Free)

Product details of Indulekha Bringha Hair Treatment Oil 100 ml + Shampoo 200 ml (With 1 piece Comb Free) Ideal Combination for ALL TYPES OF HAIR Prevents hairfall Ayurvedic proprietary medicine Contains power of 5 bringha plants No added colours No added fragrance Restores natural goodness of hair Improves hair health A 100% Ayurvedic Natural Product Contains ingredient known to grow hair Contains ingredient known to Nourishes the Scalp Contains ingredient known to reduce dandruff Applicator: Selfie bottle oil can be directly applied to the scalp Selfie bottle massagesthe scalp Applicator Reduces wastage of oil indulekha brings an oil is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine recommended for the regulation of hair and scalp conditions like hair fall, dandruff etc. The excellent action of indulekha bringha oil is due to the actions of its ingredients and the special manufacturing procedure of the base oil. During the production of indulekha bringha oil, the swethakutaja leaves are dipped in pure coconut milk oil (prepared by cold process technology). This prolonged blending process helps to extract the entire medicinal quality of the leaves and thus makes it an effective ingredient of indulekha bringha oil. Active ingredients along with the base oil create an excellent combination that is extremely beneficial for hair.
৳1,300 ৳1,100