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Tamarind gluta scrub 350gm

Product details of Tamarind gluta scrub 350 Important information Ingredients turmeric Ingredients vitamin b3 Directions How to use: Pour water and use a scrub Tamada glutathione. Scrub all over the body. Polished for 2-5 minutes Then rinse with clean water About the product Helps to remove old skin cells to accelerate and strengthen new skin cells to whiten and soften skin to help reduce freckles, dark spots and wrinkles, dry skin to break down the skin. It also reduces rash. Chemical allergy disappears faster. Body scrub with natural herbs. Increase the concentration of turmeric to 2 times. It is rich in various herbs such as turmeric, mango, mango, tamarind, tamarind, glutathione, glutathione, tamarind, and vitamin B3, thus contributing to the treatment of the sk Regular use will make the skin look white. Brightens, softens, moisturizes.
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