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Scru Cream Original Lip care & pink lip

Product details of Scru Cream Original Lip care & pink lip Strong Lock Water Moisturizing Effect, Can Maintain Lips, Increase Water Brightness Type:Propolis Lip Exfoliator Gel Lip scrubs are made with 100% natural ingredients, and are flavoured with natural essential oils ,shea butter , honey and beeswax extracts with no artificial additives whatsoever Anti Ageing Aging, Remove Lines, Dry Lips, Skincare, Anti Wrinkle, Moisturising, Moisture, Hydrating, Whitening, Remove Blemishes Squeezed out is a transparent liquid, containing refined sugar, not only the effect of moisturizing and water-repellent film, after remover lip dead skin finish,color more vivid and moisturizing Please note This donot change the color of the lips to pink but it removed dryness and blackness and dead skins Removes The dead skin brings black skin, makes it soft. Moisturize and act as lip scrub There are many reviews around the world. 1) Cigarette's black spots can be taken from the lips. 2) Lips will be soft. 3) Lips will be good for winter and all seasons